Anne studied Visual Arts at RMIT in 1998, exploring various mediums including painting, drawing, photography and sculpture. Anne found a passion for each of these subjects and it was difficult for her to choose only one to focus on. Instead she would use them together with sound-scapes order term paper to create layered art-forms and installation pieces. She was inspired by interior spaces and would create a painting for a particular space, then photograph it, create a slide show of the photographs and then develop a sound-scape to layer over the top. She organised and developed a ‘house’ installation where she invited artists to decorate rooms within the house that would depict a particular ‘feeling’.

In 2001 Anne began studying her honours year in sculpture at RMIT but decided it was too structured and instead continued to practice as an artist at home. This included painting, creating installations and developing and performing sound-scapes.

After returning to the country Anne held her first solo exhibition ‘L’air du temps’ which was held in Dunkeld. She began exhibiting at regional galleries, selling work both locally and internationally and had her second solo exhibition ‘Domestic Bliss’ at the Warrnambool Art Gallery.
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In 2003 Anne and her partner set up ‘Ambience’ gallery/cafe in Nelson, Vic. The popular gallery showcased various artists work including jewellery, sculpture, photography and paintings. Anne sold numerous pieces of her own work, had an exhibition in Adelaide and completed a commission for the Matthews Trust in Mount Gambier.

The major influences of Anne’s work include iconic Australian artists such as Sydney Nolan, Charles Blackman, Margaret Olley and Chris Canning. Her work is often compared to Australian Modernist painters such as Blackman, and Dickerson but with hints of Chagall in her ethereal figures.

Anne continues to develop and experiment with various mediums and subjects. Art is both an integral and exciting part of her life and she looks forward to exhibiting in 2015 and the future.